Sara Kirschenbaum
Palm Up


Sara Kirschenbaum is an artist and writer in Portland, Oregon. She works in several media: writing, drawing, photography, and ceramics. Whatever medium she is using, she passionately pursues creative nonfiction, looking to express a realistic essence of experience, form, gesture, or pattern of nature. Sara Kirschenbaum is currently working on a book entitled Home Sweet Nuthouse – a memoir of her experiences with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Sara Kirschenbaum draws from life. That means: drawing from a live model, photographing nature’s surfaces, writing about science, or writing about personal experiences. In ceramics, she has found a particularly responsive surface on which to draw, moving a pin tool along the surface of the soft clay to draw portraits of hands and faces.

Sara Kirschenbaum has a BA in Science Writing from Oberlin College and an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University. She has been published extensively in literary journals, op ed pages including: Tin House,, and Calyx. She has been a guest commentator for NPR’s Marketplace. She has had art exhibitions in Portland, Oregon and Lucerne, Switzerland.