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Returning to My Favorite Place

Posted Tuesday, Oct 09th, 2018 at 1:35am


Every time I return to Monhegan I find the landscape of my heart.


Only this time I brought my wife with me. Monhegan is a very sacred private place for me so it stretched me to share it. Would she love it as much as I did?


I don't think she did but at least she glimpsed the land. Above my shadow is waving at a tide pool and my hair is going wild.


The water was filled with seaweed this time.



I like how purple the sky is in the above photo. I'm thinking of painting it.


"Pebble Beach"


Artists artists everywhere. Nice painting and nice palette. I got to photograph a number of beautiful palettes this trip. I'd like to make a book of just photographs of my Monhegan palettes.


It was an unusually bright day in Cathedral Woods - almost a Street of Dreams in Fairyland.



Such a beautiful place!



A beautiful place both strengthened and alloyed by being shared.


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