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A Surprise

Posted Sunday, Jul 25th, 2010 at 11:56pm

I found this poem in my mom's papers. I evidently wrote it in 2007 and sent it along to her. When I found it I didn't remember writing it but when I saw the picture it went with I knew it was mine.: it was of my sculpture

The Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty

and the sky god Nut

shacked up

at a cross cultural awareness conference.

The event was pretty much a disaster

what with the feminists and the roman gods bickering in line to the buffet table.

The Greeks pretty much stuck to themselves in the lap pool.

The Buddhist nuns and monks wouldn’t stop chanting even when the women from the Congo put out their appeal.

Somebody proclaiming to be the great great great grandson of Confucius

waved a protest sign in the back of the room.

But then, 15 months later,

When the conference organizers were still in therapy

The new Child Susan –

The sky child

was born.

She had rays of stone light coming from her head,

Her gray skin glistened in glass

She was born with a green coil platter in her hands

asking for a tea light

And she asked us


Could you bring light to the world?”

No one could quite tell her “no.”

She had such innocence in her gaze.

Word got around.

The conference organizers came out of therapy.

The newspapers were all headlines:

Illegitimate Child of Statue of Liberty

Tells all!

She was on Oprah and Dr. Phil:

“Come on baby light my fire!”

she urged.

And all those millions of listeners remembered

When they too were first in love –

Hot gulping monkey love.

And the world gave a collective sigh: hmm they all wondered

could this work?

Maybe, just maybe.



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