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A Writer's Blessing

Posted Friday, Jul 30th, 2010 at 4:28pm

A few years ago a friend from my writer's group, Katie Sinback, asked me to write a blessing for her wedding. This is what I came up with.


It’s a lie

that sorrow is the artist’s patron


it is the shift of love

shoulder to shoulder

moist soul to moist soul

That wires our words and song

Clarity zapping around the embrace

Resonating like a peaceful cyclotron:

hands, lips, words, poetry;



into the pool of commitment

A grand Do It Yourself project of love

you will find yourself ever more courageous in word, tone, and day

May your lives together resplendent make

more garlicky and spicy

greener and orange more outrageous

The art on your walls, funkier and more beautiful

May your mornings greet you gently

Your evenings embrace you securely

Your creativity bloom scandalously

Your notes ever sweeter

Your words ringing true

for eternity

The wedding was fabulous. I loved its loud many-piece marching band that welcomed in the proud couple. I ran into Katie a few months ago and we subsequently connected on Facebook. Looking at her blog I'm happy to see that every wish for her continued creativity is coming true, even with a new little one who has arrived. Here is her website: Katie Sinback


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