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Sage at 2 1/2

Posted Wednesday, Sep 23rd, 2009 at 2:07pm

I found this poem in a folder of old poems.

Supper went by quick

Can I have dessert


“This much”

Gesturing with his hands in a “V”

Over the chocolate cake

And I follow his exact request

And thunk the slab-o-cake onto a Beatrix Potter plate.

He handles the large fork with more dexterity

Than I have ever seen him use.

He cuts – using two hands – pushing straight down

Fingertips plunging on the way through icing

With the first bite in his mouth he hums:


And licks his fork clean.

My son delights in his cake.

He peels off the shiny icing

Licks the cream underneath

And shears off another piece with both hands pushing down.

Now there is chocolate on his nose

And long thin chocolate fork smears on each cheek

Like whiskers

His knees have chocolate smudges where crumbs have dropped

And been retrieved

I stare at his pure pleasure

Until he glances up

And sees me seeing him.

He stops for a moment

Raises up his eyebrows in two little peaked hills of acknowledgment

Then rests his attention again on chocolate.

Half the slice left, he pierces it

Raises it

And asks if he can eat the whole thing

No, I make him take small bites off of it

Which suck and click in his mouth

To the last big chunk balanced on top of the fork, I nod - OK

And he eats the whole giant piece

Filling his mouth

In delight.


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