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Bee Melodrama

Posted Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 at 7:46pm

Confession: I killed my bees again. The hive made it through the winter beautifully. I went to the Bee store to make sure that I was totally on top of whatever medications they needed in spring. I went home with about $65 of meds which I carefully administered. I waited the 21 days until I was supposed to remove the medication applicator. On the 21 day I went in with my son Sage and found all the bees dead and gone except the queen and about 100 attendants. I called the bee store and they said,"Oh, yeah, sometimes it kills them..." It seems I needed to have removed the meds temporarily on cold days. Zowie! I have so much to learn. I tried to get some brood that I could tuck in the hive to help the queen repopulate but she died before I could go pick up the two frames of brood I arranged to get. Anyway, I decided to take myself out of the bee business. I've had enough of genocide. I eyed all my bee equipment, thinking of who I might give it to and then...I peeked at the hive only to discover that a swarm of bees had moved itself it! I guess I'm back in the bee-keeping saddle again! This time I'm going to see if I can find myself a mentor. But I got to tell you I do just love bee-keeping - felt a deep happiness when I got back into my bee suit. Heaven help my bees!


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