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Happy New Year!

Posted Thursday, Jan 01st, 2009 at 6:22pm

I wish everyone a year of unexpected dreams. Barack and Michelle have carried us into uncharted dream territory. There are terrible dangers, yes, but unheard of opportunities as well.

Last night Annie and I partied at Jessie and Steven's house and brought in the New Year by breaking eggs stuffed with confetti over our heads! Chris was a favored target:


Janet also got into the fun:


Annie too:


I like this photo of Annie's feet and confetti:


It has been a wonderfully snowy holiday season with a foot and a half of snow in Portland! The most since 1950!:


I like the light on these to-be-roasted veggies:


Lastly, adolescence brought a new level of anarchy to the gingerbread house tradition:

gingerbread house

Thankfully Annie, Sage and I are all well and pretty happy. Our hearts go out to those suffering war, want or illness. We are grateful for our good fortune and look forward to sharing what's good.


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