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I've Gone And Done It! Part Two

Posted Friday, Nov 27th, 2015 at 12:33pm

After visiting the underground nuclear weapon launch site, I climbed back in my car and ventured on toward Washington D.C., to try to do my part to make sure these weapons were never used. It boosted my spirits to see this sunset over the Mississippi River.


A stop at a friend's house in Minneapolis resulted in this dove mural:


...well appreciated by this little peace-maker!


,,,and her grandmother, a longtime peace activisit:


The next day I spoke briefly at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and continued on to Chicago where the little peace car had a rendezvous with Ghandi:


In Chicago I stayed with my cousins. Paul is the Dean of University of Illinois Chicago's School of Public Health and he feels that the presence of nuclear weapons is very much a public health issue. I was very delighted that he took publicity photos with my car!

peace 42

Can you believe that each of those dots signifies a nuclear weapon that exists, ready to launch, in the world. Are there even enough cities for these weapons to destroy?

Here are my cousins posing with one of the signs I hoped to leave with my representatives:


Leaving the Chicago area I found this:


It is so hard to remember that peace is possible...

It wasn't long before I crossed into Ohio where I did most of my peace work back in the 1980s.


It was so much easier to call attention to the problem of nuclear weapons back then! When I started my job as statewide coordinator of the Reverse the Arms Race Federation of Ohio in January of 1982, I was in charge of coordinating 20 peace groups around the state. When I left in 1987 to work in a soup kitchen, we had 200 peace groups! What will it take to alert people now? I hate to think...Here are some of my ole peace buddies:


And more at a party given in my honor!


Here's one old friend who is no longer with us, but he was at the party in spirit:


But look how much grey hair at these peace events! Where are the young people?

I stayed in Ohio with my dear friend at activist extraordinaire, Erin Salva.


She sent out a press release that resulted in this article:


October was a good time to drive cross country. The colors were beautiful!



And finally, after 5 days of driving, and 3 days of activism for peace, I arrived in NYC, at my dad's bedside:


In NYC I stopped by the Rauschenberg Foundation to urge them to focus some of their "Artisit as Activist" grants on disarmament work, since Bob Rauschenberg felt so strongly about peace. Here's Christy Maclear, the Executive Director, checking out my car.


Christy and I then ventured over to the War Resisters League, only a few blocks away where we met with Emma Burke and Ali Issa.




(It was also gratifying to locate and photograph the Global Revolution!)


I spent the rest of the week visiting with family, including taking a visit to the family geodesic dome which is being restored:


And then it was time to leave for Washington D.C. to talk to my representatives!


to be continued in Part Three

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  1. susan weil Wrote on Saturday, Nov 28th, 2015 at 5:58am

    WHat a beautiful life...what a beautiful sharing of your passion!!!Thaank you for you...

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