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June & July's Quilt Squares

Posted Tuesday, Aug 09th, 2011 at 8:46pm

Here are my latest quilt squares:

A's Dress

Too pretty The pencil should wash out...

Annie's Curtains I like the bright blue on this.

Sage's pillow Sage picked this out for a reversible hat which I never got around to making. Instead I think he make it into a pillow.

Annie' aquatic

wizard's For one of the kid's birthdays I made wizard hats for all the boys and princess hats for the girls. But I failed to iron on strong enough backing so they all flopped over. I tried stuffing them with fluff but that didn't work too well either.

pocket This was for a pocket on an apron.

playhouse It was a great playhouse with a door, windows and a mail slot.

Sara's It is a secret - can you read it?


Do you think it is a problem that I am stuck on a single stitch style?


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