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Outer Island is Coming Along

Posted Friday, Aug 27th, 2010 at 11:36am

My grandfather, Leonard Dankmar Weil, will soon, publish his first book. I have been working for a year to finish his memoir of Outer Island - an island he and his wife bought in 1927 and lived on for much of the rest of their lives. I visited NY this month to read my parents the proposed manuscript and to look for photos to put in the book. Both endeavors were successful. My mom had two changes she requested to the writing and we dug out at least 50 photos of the island for possible inclusion in the book.

Here is a photo I found of my grandfather, Leonard Dankmar Weil, Leonard.

Here is a photo of my grandmother, Grace Fisher Weil, Grace

Next steps. Making needed corrections that became evident to me while reading the manuscript out loud to my parents. Hiring someone to do editing. Figuring out how to self-publish.

My grandfather (albeit in absentia) and I are thrilled.


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