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Outer Island Treasure

Posted Monday, Nov 08th, 2010 at 11:59am

I am in the process of picking photos for the Outer Island book (that I have "reconstituted" from my grandfather's notes and papers). My brother, Chris, is helping me get the file ready to send to an on-line publisher - We work late at night at his house and fortify ourselves with dark chocolate. Yet to do: pick out the cover pictures, make a few changes in text and send it off for printing!

Here is a wild photo I found on my last trip to NYC to pick out photos for the book: waving The handsome man in white is a mystery. My grandfather Leonard seems to be in a bathing suit or underwear. And Grace has on some ridiculous bloomers! It was likely taken in 1931.

Here's another one of my sea-worthy grandfather: seaworthy

Here is a photo I am considering for the cover: shells

Or maybe this one: shore

Here's what I am thinking of putting on the back: notes It is some notes on revising his book, Outer Island.


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