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The Book Coalesces

Posted Tuesday, Apr 07th, 2009 at 4:22pm

I have finished reading through all 215 pages of notes and typing that I have from my grandfather. I see a book which doesn't try to present a seamless story - because there is not one. I think I am looking at pieces of 6 or 7 attempts to write about his island - Outer Island. None are complete. I see the book being a compendium of writing and photographs. There is definitely a cohesive narrative with a clear beginning, a hefty middle, and hints of a conclusion. The narrative clearly goes from 1927 through 1932. I believe that most of it was written in 1932. The fall of the stock market is a pivotal point in the narrative with their change in means shifting the look of their experiment but not their joy in the island. With the fall of the stock market they shift into a more focused attempt at self-sufficiency on their little island. I hope to get a small self-published edition of the book within a year. It seems relevant to our own days of over-indulgence and a stock market "correction."

Here's a photo of my desk with all the essential accouterments. Note: favorite coffee candies, favorite pen, journal, laptop, Poet & Writer's Magazine, grandfather's writing, and cell phone - what else could anyone want?


Here's a close-up:


Here you can see them both:


I'll keep you posted!


  1. Virginia Baltay Wrote on Monday, Jun 08th, 2009 at 6:48pm

    As a Friend of Outer Island, I await the finished edition of your book! I have studied the invasive Japanese shore crab with school age children on Outer Island for ten years and I too love that rocky island. Keep us in touch with your work.

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