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A Cousin-Fest!

Posted Monday, Sep 14th, 2009 at 11:15am

After Annie and I went to the Michigan Women's Music Festival, we went to visit our sweet cousins in Chicago. Karen and her husband Ken have lived for a few years in a beautiful apartment overlooking Lake Michigan. Sherry and her husband Paul, moved to Chicago a little over a year ago. Here are some pictures from our trip there and Sherry and Paul's trip, two week later, here. I love that I am getting closer to my cousins. Our grandmother, Celia, would have delighted in it.

Annie, Lauren, Emily, Kayla and Zenna: Cousins!

Being silly: Silly cousins

A cool sculpture: bean

Cool optics with aforementioned sculpture: bean-close-up

A cool fountain: fountain

Pixelated water: water

Happy kids: kids

Two weeks later they came to see us. Here's a photo in my backyard. Bravo to Sage and Paul for moving the large heavy table outside. And sorry Paul for serving you two-buck-chuck!
dinner Photo by Chris Rauschenberg

Chris and the Brandt-Rauf girls. cousins Photo by Janet Stein.

Flower-picking: flowers Photo by Janet Stein.

A trip to Little Zigzag Falls zigzag Photo by Kayla

We ventured out into the wilds of Sauvie Island to go blackberry picking. Everyone was quite good humored considering all the prickles. blackberries Photo by Janet Stein

I love this picture of Paul. He really got into picking. Paul Photo by Janet Stein

All in all they were two great visits. picking Photo by Janet Stein


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