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A Solution for World Peace

Posted Tuesday, Jun 09th, 2009 at 3:48pm

Many of you know that I have discovered a draft of my grandfather's memoir about Outer Island - an island he bought his wife for their first anniversary. On the island he made a transformation from a well-to-do young man groomed to be a stock broker to an island man. Here is a section where he talks lovingly about his daily chores.

"The hens were grumbling about obscure troubles which were soon assuaged by the sight of the refilled feed pans. The pullets and cockerels were less complaining. They swarmed to Leonard in an adoring mob, bustling under his feet, pecking at his shoes, moving along with him. He realized that had he had the need for consolation he could find it among this alien and unattractive group, for they could bring him the joy of being able to satisfy the wants of a worshipful tribe. So long as he could bring them feed and water and scraps from the kitchen, he was their leader and the source of their right.

"The discredited and rejected leaders of the land ought to be advised that prestige can be found in this sure and simple fashion. A man is always with honor to his chickens and if he orders his world to their level he need have no yearning for prestige."


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