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Posted Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 11:47am

Here is an e-mail I got from one of Outer Island's caretakers:

Dear Sara

What a fantastic book - it was utterly delicious ! Thank you, thank you for the copy that you had Lynn Dorsey deliver to me at our Friends of Outer Island board meeting .

I did not want the book to end ! You were able to channel Leonard 's amazing life on Outer Island and his devotion to his beloved wife, Grace. And it did get better and better until i knew you were experiencing firsthand their lives, their loves, and their devotion to their children. Your mother and Danky had a childhood only dreamed about by others. Bless their free unfettered hearts ! Perhaps in some sense Danky, Leonard and Grace still bless the island with their presence. I believe your Mom and Judy felt it when they were there in 2009. I am delighted to have seen their faces and yours upon arrival. It was gratifying.

I have been the docent scheduler for Outer Island for the past 6 years and am out there every chance I get. I have always had a great sense of joy and peace out there and believe it comes from the past owners of the island. Your book affirms my conclusion. I will tell you that I believe it is your Grandparents, more than anyone, who bring that sense of completion and connection- totally connected to one another and complete in their love and their children. The island could not help but absorb and contain it as well.

Again , I can't thank you enough for loving and honoring your Grandparents by finishing Leonard's book. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how very proud he is of YOU and your labor of love. Please extend my very best to your Mom and know that you are ALWAYS welcome on Outer Island. Whether you know it or not- it is in your blood !

Yours in Friendship, Nancy Morand


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