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Day One

Posted Wednesday, Jan 21st, 2009 at 10:41pm

I have just been watching a recording of ABC's coverage of The Neighborhood Ball. And I feel that I am dreaming. I really didn't think we'd get this far. I really didn't think that the fearful greedy forces in the world would let Barack Hussein Obama be president for even one minute. I suppose its my OCD but I just didn't believe we'd actually get here and have a president who is so intelligent, hip, deep, suave and in his way, down-to-earth.

Watching this party of The Neighborhood Ball, I feel that there is a whole wide chunk of America that feels included in democracy for the first time. And I guess I am part of that chunk. I'm really feeling the possibility of impossible dreams.

Here are two ways that I have been relishing this moment:

There is a wonderful collection of reader's photos at the N. Y. Times

Here is a way to see The Neighborhood Ball. Unfortunately there are some ads.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about the Justice Stevens messing up the oath in front of hey maybe two billion people...but hey.


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