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More Beach Pictures

Posted Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 11:43am

Now that I am back from Italy I have had a chance to go over some of the beach pictures I took on my short consolation-prize trip to the beach in Newport, Oregon, back in April. I have gone through the 800 pictures two times now and picked out favorites. It was interesting to see that I picked the same favorites most of the time but not all of the time. Now I have 250 favorites and I have printed out 8 large prints so far on my wonderful Epson printer that my dad gave me. It prints as large as 13' X 19'. It is hard for me to predict which ones are going to work well as large prints. Sometimes a photo that works as a 81/2" X 11" doesn't work as a larger print. I wish I wasn't constrained by the cost of ink and could print up 50 or 60.

I am looking for a way to have some kind of show and sale of these new beach pictures - maybe I will host something in my studio.

Here are some photos that I don't consider works of art so much as snapshots:

rocks at sunset This area is so beautiful - it is near Seal Rocks beach.

Muscle I loved the sunset light through the shell

Bubbles I took this picture as the wave was crashing in - I think it is neat that the bubbles in the shell are practically the only thing in focus. I must have clicked the picture in just the right time and place.

Gathering Together On the way home I stopped by an organic farm and restaurant called Gathering Together Farm. What a wonderful place! I suggest you stop by if you are passing near Corvallis.

stakes I enjoyed this pile of stakes and supports. It made my work in my relatively small garden seem much more manageable!

Here are some photos that I like for more purely aesthetic reasons (I'll also post them in the photography gallery on this website as well:

shadow My shadow has been creeping into my photographs more these days.

footprints I like the footprints...

bubble shadows Tiny bubble shadows...



Sand and rocks







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