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More Palette Portraits on Monhegan Island

Posted Friday, Oct 03rd, 2014 at 1:54pm

I had the chance to spend some more time on my favorite island, Monhegan, where artists often come to paint. I asked each painter I saw if I could photograph their palette. It is an easy question to ask because painters are generally not self-conscious of their palette (I think that is what makes them so wonderful) and I don't feel like I am asking to steal their painterly intellectual property. Pretty soon word got around the island and when I would walk up to painters they would say, "I was waiting for you to ask!" Here are some of the new images.

palette 1

Here is the painting being made from this palette - sometimes I sneak in a picture of the painting itself!

palette 2

palette 3

palette 4

palette 5

And again, a peek at the painting.

palette 6

All cleaned up, but still beautiful!

palette 7

Not much room!

palette 8

On of my favorites. Very classic.

palette 9

Another sneak peek.

palette 10

Recognize this one? I photographed it earlier in the week and it appears above.

palette 11


palette 12

palette 13

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