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Posted Saturday, Oct 23rd, 2010 at 8:36pm

The other day I was spending time with my god-daughter - Marie. She was trying to work on an essay about what it is like growing up disabled after the passage of the ADA. She has cerebral palsy. It seemed to me that she was really stuck in her writing process - using the same phrases and stories she has often used. So I suggested that we try something completely different. I had her lie down on a big piece of butcher paper and I made an outline of her body. Then I encouraged her to fill the outline with stories that were linked to a part of her body. She totally got what I was talking about and immediately wrote on her arm outline about hugging her aunt. Here are some pictures I took of this wonderful process. We both loved it.


Marie2 This refers to her walking across the stage when she recently graduated from Lake Oswego High School.


Marie4 I like Marie's hands in this picture. She is writing "first true friend.


Marie6 In this picture she is writing "bad teacher" on her forehead. She had a horrible experience with her special ed teacher telling her she would never graduate college.

Marie7 I love that Marie felt that she had to add more hands for all the creative things she does with her hands!


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