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The Last of the Italy Pictures

Posted Thursday, May 13th, 2010 at 11:15am

Here are the rest of the Italy pictures I would like to share:

First The first picture I took in Italy.

face Seeing this sketched face in a fresco made me feel such kinship with the artist - I could just imagine him or her quickly drawing this face. I wonder what was in their mind the moment they drew it oh so many years ago!

Ice cream cones Ice cream cones!

Pantheon Pantheon with pigeon's shadow.

Chalk Yesterday's chalk drawing.

View View from the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Can you imagine what this view felt like in the 1500's when it was one of the tallest buildings in the world?

Mona Today's chalk drawing.

Bizarre I love this picture outside of the Ufizzi!

Bizarre two It appears to me that this angel is in trouble!

True Love True love.

Wisteria While I was in Italy I missed the peak bloom of my wisteria (and my traditional Wisteria Party) but was comforted by this beautiful bloom.

light Curly-cues.

Classic Pondering some classic colors..

Antonio Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

Roman Forum In the Roman Forum.

poppies Poppies.

stretch Photographing the goddess.

Fresco Fresco.

St. Peter's Check out the scale of this baby! It seemed big enough to hold a country which in some ways it does.

Mediterranean The astonishing Cinque Terre area.

That Blue! That blue! Cinque Terre.

locks Locks that have been put up for sentimental reasons - a form of grafitti even. I find they look very beautiful here. I've never seen this done in the states.

Cinque Cinque Terre.

Madonna Cortona.

Madonna Too Cortona.

story A story in stone...

Fresco buried Buried fresco revealed.

blur 1 Leaving Cortona.

blur 2 Poppies.

blur 3 Olives and artichokes.

blur 4 Olives.

grapes Grapes just starting to leaf out.

And that's my seven day trip to Italy!


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