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Posted Saturday, Apr 24th, 2010 at 5:09pm

I was supposed to go to Florence, Italy last week but a volcano had other plans. Instead I went on a solitary pilgrimage to the Oregon coast. Here are a few of the two hundred pictures (out of 800) that I took that I like.

Here's me goofing around and having my shadow hold up some sea foam:


I must be in the mood for self-portraits. Here I am with two starfish:

starfish Check out the size of some of those barnacles!

Here's my shadow showing off again with some starfish: shadow.

The coast is rather unbelievable around Newport. I really suggest exploring around Seal Rocks Beach.


towering rocks

I also enjoyed some minimalistic sand sights. Here's a reflection of the sky on pools of water:

water stripes.

Here's a seagull:

seagull. It was taken during the day - not sure what happened with the exposure!

When I get back from Italy I will try to post some of these water and sand images in the photography gallery of this website.


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