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What Is It About Random Arrays of Food?

Posted Monday, Jan 12th, 2009 at 12:59pm

This post announces a new section of photographs on my site: Random Arrays of Food. If you would like to go straight there, click here. There are even more food arrays on my flickr photostream which you can access Flickr.

Both of my parents Sue Weil and Bernard Kirschenbaum have brought me up with an appreciation for the beauty of a random pattern. My dad did these wonderful computer generated arrays of random polygons. My mom did beautiful random grass drawings.

I've been taking water pictures forever - trying to catch a random sample of waves. In 2005 I went to San Miguel de Allende and took this picture of breakfast buns:


My kids and I have been making plastic plates with drawings on them. You make the drawing on a round piece of paper and then send it off to Makit where they embed the drawing in plastic. I've been doing these since I was a girl. But recently they started offering to make photo-plates and I sent the buns picture in to be made into a plate. Ever since I have been looking for great random arrays of food to make into plates. Here's one:


I am strict about what constitutes a good photo of a array of food. Here's what I aim for:

Here's an example of one that passes muster:


I now have a collection of plates with various food arrays: Mung bean sprouts, shrimp, pears, apples, pomegranates, and buns. I kind of want to see how disgusting I can make them - what would it like to be to eat off of a plate that looks like raw fish eggs?


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