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A Black Mountain College Visit

Posted Wednesday, Feb 04th, 2015 at 11:34pm

New Identity

Well I guess I have a new identity! Or the return of an old identity...

I had the honor of representing my mother, Susan Weil, at her opening at the Black Mountain College Museum in Asheville North Carolina. The show displayed some of the 10,900 poems that she had written and illustrated EVERYDAY for 30 years.

Here is a photo from the opening: show

My mom Skyped in: skype

The day before the opening I was taken on an amazing tour of the old campuses of this astonishing art school that blazed into the art scene in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Connie Bostic, who is a board member of the Black Mountain College Museum, took me on a personal tour of the grounds, which are now a camp and retreat center.

Here's Connie in her studio: Connie

First she took me to the original campus, on the top of a majestic hill: First

Here is an archived photo from those early days with Joseph Albers teaching a drawing class on that very same porch:

drawing class

A few years after opening the school in that majestic building on a hill, they purchased their own land in a valley.

Here are my photos of the dining hall in the second campus: dining hall 1 dining hall 2

Here is an archived photo of a community dance in the same spot: old dining

The one place my mom wanted me to make sure to see was the "Quiet House." Connie and I talked to her from inside this structure:

Q house

"Mom" says I, when I get the phone, "What's something you did in the Quiet House? The answer? "Make bad coffee for Bucky."

Here's a photo of the Quiet House before if was rudely remodeled with a second story (which I couldn't stand to photograph):

Q house old

And here is a photograph that my mom's then future husband, Bob, took in the Quiet House:

bob's photo

The sweet couple:

bob and Sue

Here's the plan for the Studies Building which was built by students and teachers:

Studies plan

And here is the poor thing in its current state (the camp was in the middle of building on a second rustic porch - oh dear):


The studies building had small studios for students. My mom had one. Here is a photo I took at one such small space that now holds a copy machine:


One more lovely building, the Round House, with Connie over to one side:

round house

The landscape around the campus is gorgeous! There is a lovely lake, Lake Eden, right in the middle.


And here is a painting Joseph Fiore made, back in the day:

lake painting

It was a lovely day. There was even a white dog which Connie said was very much like a white dog that used to live on the campus. Ghost? You decide.



  1. Verlaine Wrote on Friday, Feb 06th, 2015 at 8:29am

    Thanks Sara, A great tour.

  2. Ian M Cage Wrote on Friday, Feb 06th, 2015 at 4:49pm

    Thank you for posting this. True to spirit. ~M.

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