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A Good Day for Drawing

Posted Thursday, Feb 12th, 2009 at 3:22pm

Yesterday I went drawing at my favorite place to draw - Hipbone Studios - and I did better than average. Normally I only get a couple acceptable drawings. But yesterday I came away with 16 that made the first cut. Now I will hang them up in my studio and mindlessly stare at them while I am talking on the phone. If a line is wrong it will start to bug me and I'll take the picture down and put it in my recycling. Or if it is alterable I'll add a line or two to fix it up. Would you like to see some of the drawings? Here are some links:

Here's one called A Graceful Gesture.

Here's one calledGesture Drawing. It is a little risque.

Here's one calledA Good Foot.

Here's one that has a mistake in it but I still like it: Bamboo Pole.

Here's one with subtle color:Sitting on blankets

What do you think? All 16 are posted in the drawing gallery.


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