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A Good Day at the Clay Studio

Posted Saturday, Feb 14th, 2009 at 7:40pm

I had a great day at pottery yesterday, I did a big drawing on a huge slab of clay. It was of a behind and a front with vagina. I wanted to wrap it around itself, stand it up, and make a big vase. As I stood it up it collapsed in my hands in a magnificent floppy way. But then I opened it up for a photo. Here is the photo:

collapsed vase

I plopped it back in the slab roller and tried again. This time I drew a big hand. In this picture you can clearly see where I messed up on the thumb.

close-up of hand

Here's a picture of the hand drawing with a stapler for scale. It's outlined in brown slip.

hand and stapler

I also did a drawing of two hands holding a seed. Its tricky to draw a left and right hand because even though I am ambidextrous for drawing, I have to pull away one of my hands from the pose to draw with. Here's the piece:


Here's a link to all my hand ceramics on my website:hand ceramics


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