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My trip to NYC

Posted Thursday, Feb 26th, 2009 at 8:54pm

I just got back from NY. Now that my father's health is stabilized, I'm only making a week-long trip there every three months. These trips are adding up. I'm beginning to feel a sense of belonging in NY. Lots of people noticed my haircut this trip which makes me realize that the building guards, restaurant owners, friends and neighbors are getting used to seeing me around in NY. I'm of mixed feeling about my acclimation there. I love my parents and I love the city but it does pull me away from home and confuses my identity as a grown woman separate from my parents.

Here are some photos from this trip:

I like this photo of my aunt touching and comforting my dad.


Here's another two of my dad doing his physical therapy:

Bernie resting Bernie balancing

My mother bought me some beautiful flowers this trip and here are a couple of photos of them. I love the sunset light through the venetian blinds.

Iris1 Iris 2 Iris 3

Even my hand looked lovely in the sunset light: hand1 Hand2

One big treat of this visit was getting to see my Aunt Francis (Bernie's sister) and my dear cousin Sherry and her two youngest daughters, Kayla and Zena.

Francis and SherryFrancis and Sherry



Me and the girls(Photo by Sherry)Me plus

I'll end this post with the quintessential NYC icon:



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