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Fourth Lost and Found Blog Post

Posted Monday, Jun 28th, 2010 at 12:39pm

I have been going through my grandfather's notes for his memoir of Outer Island. I've discovered some wonderful lists of things he wanted to write about. Here is one compilation of four lists. It discusses their two goats: Mary Lou and Leaf-God.



Lack of smell –

Billy’s smell

Quantity of milk

No tuberculosis

The odoriferous Lord + (impatient nanny

Milking (First Mary Lou sat down)



Horn debudded

Italians at Easter time

Shape of the knuckle in a leg

The case of the Nubian with contagious abortion + how the news was relayed all over New Haven

Chicago’s distress at Leaf-God

Goat raisers’ camaraderie

Walks with goats

Leaf into the hammock

M. L. looks like a person standing in the trees –

Reading on the rocks with the goats

Mrs. B’s spoiling the goat

Butter content of milk

Rushes to Grace. The goat in the rumble seat

Butter content of milk

Leaf’s jumping

“Is she nervous?”

The man with the herd of goats

Momentum toward goats


How much milk – excitement

Make the milk foam.

You never forget milking

Milk oozing through teats

Poison Ivy machine.

Mary Lou will only eat apples that are not in her pen.

Mary Lou looks like Leonardo’s John.

John plays tunes on her stomach.

Leaf on the look out –

All for $10 difference Leonard lies about her beauty.

Leafs eating petunias hanging from the mouth

Poor man’s cow for $50


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