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Second Lost and Found Post

Posted Monday, Jun 14th, 2010 at 2:50pm

June is the month for me to share gems I've found in my grandfather, Leonard Dankmar Weil's, writing. Here is a marvelous list...the contents of the old house on the island. Seems like a goldmine for writing prompts (pick any four and tell why they were destined to be together? - if any readers would like to attempt this writing challenge - I'll post it on my blog!).

Significant Contents of Old House

Primus Lamps

fat fancy side board

Little books

The microscope + chairs V. wanted

flapping shutters

uncomfortable cots

Box of birds

Tools of all sorts ( Plumbers, Stone Masons)

Circular saw

Big broken row boat

Arrow + Kittiwake

The old desk + high chair

The spool bed

The carved bed

The Auntie Louise sofa + chair

Prof. clothes

The needles (hypo)

Horseshoe crab

Lizards in alcohol

Swordfish sword

Turtle shell

The wooden snow shovel

The mysterious bathtub

Grass rugs

A.H.V’s. paintings

Old physical culture

Pestles + mortars

Tables with little bugs

Tiny wood bugs

Glowing kitchen (we painted)

Silver in the sideboard

Winter pattern China

Window seat all around the living room (we lived in the dining room)

Old trunks

National Geographics, Nature, Natural History

Pamphlets about the war

Gov’t booklets

The encyclopedia –

Poisons in abundance


Remnants of the day when the Kittiwake was a steamboat

Cement work

Mickey’s Hunt

The love-seat duck blind – Ad’s initials

The slums

The tool house

The thin walls

The ice box in the cellar

Franklin Stove

Homemade fireless cooker

The big dumb bells

The Evin rude

The deer skin

Four rooms, a storeroom on the 2nd floor

Four rooms down stairs

Big attic above

Little crutches

Rats in a mattress

Here is an image of the original: Leonard's List


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